What is Ripple (XRP)?

Ripple is both an online payment platform as well as the name of a cryptocurrency, the two go hand in hand. Ripple was designed as an online payment settling service of international transactions and asset selling and an alternative to SWIFT payments. XRP, the name given to Ripple’s currency, are the tokens used for this international exchange. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies which are intended to be digital alternatives to existing currency, Ripple is intended to be an alternative to existing international banking systems to improve the speed and cost-efficiency of international transactions. Thus, the distinguishing factor of Ripple is that it was designed to be a peer-to-peer digital payment protocol than a traditional cryptocurrency.

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What Are the Unique Features of Ripple (XRP)?


Ripple does not use blockchain technology, unlike many other crypto-currencies, and instead uses a network of validating servers to form a digital distributed consensus ledger. XRP is the name given to the tokens, the actual cryptocurrency used within the system. The tokens are employed to transfers money from across the national border to settle accounts in multiple currencies. The primary intention behind this design to streamline the process of international transactions by eliminating the need for international transactions to be converted to a common currency, the U.S dollar, by banks prior to a successful transfer. This design allows Ripple to gain a competitive advantage over traditional SWIFT transfers.


Ripple cannot be mined, unlike other more mainstream cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The reason for this is that all Ripple tokens in the world are produced by the American Ripple company which alone has the sole right to release more tokens into the world. There are a total of 100 billion Ripple tokens in the world, and that number will never change. So, the only way to obtain Ripple is to purchase it through online cryptocurrency exchanges. Since Ripple is also a currency that’s controlled by a single company, this means that purchasing Ripple does not typically carry with it the same governmental regulation and other issues associated with the purchasing of other crypto-currencies. The fact that Ripple cannot be mined is one of its most striking features.

Why Should I buy Ripple (XRP)?

Ripple has performed relatively well in the market for the past few years, and it has a relatively stable price point even today. So, there is no reason to suggest that there is any volatility associated with it. Additionally, in an increasingly globalised world where the scale and expansiveness of international transactions seem to continuously be increasing, Ripple has a very strong chance of being a very successful alternative to traditional banking solutions to international transfers.

The biggest advantage that Ripple has in the market, and the biggest reason why you want to invest in it, is the fact that it has a very strong competitive advantage when compared with traditional banks with respect to online payment solutions. Ripple makes it much faster and easier to send and received international transactions than traditional banks which means that it is likely to be adopted by many international businesses and institutions in the future.