What is EOS.IO (EOS)?

EOS tokens are a part of the greater EOS blockchain ecosystem which is an attempt to revolutionise blockchain technology internationally by simplifying many of the greatest issues related to blockchain technology use, namely speed and scalability.

The wider decentralised system that EOS tokens are a part of is intended to provide blockchain delivery of large-scale applications. This makes EOS one of the most unique cryptocurrencies in the market as it is not intended to serve as a store of value so much as a token to facilitate an individual user’s use of the wider EOS platform.

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What’s Unique About EOS.IO (EOS)?


EOS coins have not been created for the purpose of functioning as a digital currency alternative to traditional national currencies as much as they are intended to be used as a facilitating element in the wider EOS system.

It is also unique as a blockchain platform since its nodes are bound to a constitution that is individually signed and recorded by each node in the blockchain. The benefits of this design structure are that it allows the EOS network to be extremely fast, highly scalable as well as very secure. This makes it a very desirable choice for use.


ESO coins cannot be mined, unlike Bitcoin, so it is only possible to obtain EOS coins by either purchasing them outright or by producing nodes in the blockchain of EOS and receiving coins as a reward by the system.

This is a sharp contrast from other digital currencies such as Bitcoin which can be easily mined or purchased by anyone. EOS has been designed in this manner since again, the coins are not intended to be individual stores of value like Bitcoin so much as they are intended to act as facilitating elements of the wider EOS blockchain infrastructure.

What Should I Invest in EOS.IO (EOS)?

Given that there are so many different cryptocurrencies that seem to be developing daily, you may be wondering why you should invest in EOS specifically. The answer to this is that EOS is one of the very few cryptocurrencies that is a part of a blockchain infrastructure that is this expansive, and one that has such a high amount of potential for rapid growth in the near future.

Three of the biggest issues related to the use of blockchain technology, as well as its benefits, are speed, flexibility, and scalability. All three of these aspects are greatly enhanced through the use of EOS infrastructure. As such, it is very likely that EOS technology will diffuse in the near future as well which means that the value of EOS tokens is very likely to appreciate over time. These qualities make it a great potential choice for anyone who is interested in obtaining a decent return on their investment over time.

Overall, the potential that the EOS infrastructure has in terms of improving the functionality of blockchain technology is the primary reason why investing in EOS tokens could be potentially profitable long term.