What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is one of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency market, but few people actually know what Ethereum actually is. Ethereum is a decentralised platform that comes with its own unique programming language which is intended to be used for the construction of actual computer programs. Therefore, Ethereum has been designed as an expansive platform that permits multiple functions ranging from the signing of secure contracts and delivery of digital services.

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What’s Unique About Ethereum?

Most cryptocurrencies are designed for the purpose of serving as digital units of value, essentially serving as alternatives to existing physical currencies. However, Ethereum has been designed to provide a much greater purpose. It’s intended to be an innovation-encouraging system that can allow individuals to make contracts with one another using the secure Ethereum system to make secure digital transactions, receive digital products made using the Ethereum programming language.

The fact that Ethereum has been designed for such a unique purpose, in clear contrast with other digital currencies which are nothing more than digital alternatives to existing currency, Ethereum is an all-expansive digital system that can be used for very high-level technological processes.

This is the primary differentiating factor that separates Ethereum from all other cryptocurrencies since all other cryptocurrencies are designed only for the purpose of being used as alternatives to existing currency while Ethereum provides an entire system for catalysing digital innovation. This the major reason why Ethereum has received a lot of support from large companies and corporations which have all found Ethereum to be an excellent way to improve their technological needs.

Why Should I Invest in Ethereum?

There are a number of reasons why Ethereum is a very smart choice for investment which primarily relate to its unique features, as well as its great potential for being a catalyst for technological innovation. Ethereum is already considered the second-best performing digital currency of all after Bitcoin, so you can be quite sure that it is likely to remain a very popular option in the long run with there being relatively little chance that the coin will suffer from any serious crashes in its price.

Additionally, the unique purpose of which Ethereum has been constructed, a holistic digital contracting environment, has a lot of potential for being adopted by massive corporations as a major solution to their innovation requirements. Ethereum has already received much support from fortune 500 companies that have founded the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance in order to support Ethereum and their business model. This is ample evidence of the immense support and confidence that many existing corporation giants have already invested in Ethereum which translates to there being a high possibility of Ethereum remaining a very powerful digital currency in the near future.

Overall, Ethereum is a highly popular cryptocurrency that also has a lot of potential, its intelligent design, and corporate support, however, are the two primary reasons why you can be quite sure that it would be a great investment long term.